autodesk maya 2010 tutorials-pdf

122 Quiet Room Making a quiet room, by Yan Chan.
Ever wonder how animated films like Ice Age are made?
30 Screwdriver 31 This is a basic modeling tutorial that teaches you how to create a screw-driver and then use Final Gather to render global illumination, hdri and depth of field.
Pdf 95 ml 96 ml 97 ml 98 ml 99 ml 100 ml 101 102 103 ml 104 ml 105 ml 106 ml 107 ml 108 ml 109 ml 110 ml 111 ml 112 ml 113 114 115 ml 116 ml 117 ml 118.Boolean Modeling in Maya, this tutorial covers in depth, basic boolean operations, anatomy of a boolean, where to use booleans, and common boolean errors.Caustics Tthis tutorial will teach you how to make a picture of a glass using caustics.Two Tips For Move And Rotate Tools This covers some tool settings that I found useful to help the modeling process.Subsurface Scattering 49 Simulating subsurface scattering with Mental Ray.60 MapCreation in Maya 2009 61 Video examines how, using Maya 2009s new render pass features, we can easily export a normal map from high poly geometry.Weve collected more than 100 useful Maya 3D tutorials, ranging from beginner level to intermediate and advanced users.Maya Live Maya Live is a set of motion-tracking tools for matching CG to clean plate footage.Join the Community, share ideas.Low Poly Game Character Hair This tutorial will go with a more interesting hairstyle.You may want to take a look at related articles: Below, we feature tutorials that address most Maya-related topics mac os x 10.8 mountain lion bootable usb for beginners and advanced users.110 Tiger Zoo 111 Making Tiger Zoo, by Massimo Righi.How Shaders Work In Maya, this tutorial teaches you how materials work, and how to create materials in Maya.Cobblestone 65 This tutorial guides you through creating a 3D mesh in Maya that will be used for repeating material.Modeling Morgane By Cousigne Adrien Revolution By Zhang Yang, China.
Modelling A Poly Table Fan This video tutorial shows step by step various quick modeling techniques including curve extrude, surfaces, poly tube, Smooth, bevel, curve revolve, extrude, and more, to create a polygonal fan table.
42 Tea Cup 43 In this tutorial, you learn how to model and texture a tea cup.

Candle Flame Learn how to build a candle flame in Maya.Animate a Dancing Ice Cream Bar in Cinema 4D and After Effects In this 125 step monstrosity of a tutorial you will learn everything you need to know to make a dancing ice cream bar animation in Cinema 4D, and then composite it in After.Hotbox Hotbox is a great feature of Maya that will increase your speed and productivity.In this tutorial, you will see how to create a low poly character.If you are looking to picking up Maya to design your 3d models, this article is for you.Animated Arrows, this tutorial will teach you how to create animated arrows.