asp net mvc 2 in action

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Jimmy Bogard manages the AutoMapper open-source project.
The DisplayTemplates go inside /Views/Shared and the templates are reusable in an unlimited number of views.
Figure 3: The display screen using template helpers.The IGuestRepository interface looks like this: namespace Core public interface IGuestRepository void Save(Guest guest Guest GetRecentGuests(int numberOfGuests The Core project owns the repository interface, and the Infrastructure project implements the interface.hibernate-mapping xmlns"urn:nhibernate-mapping-.2" namespace"Core" assembly"Core" class name"Guest" table"Guests" dynamic-update"true" id name"Id" column"Id" type"Guid" generator class"mb /id property name"FirstName property name"LastName property name"FavoriteColor /class /hibernate-mapping From this point forward, I wont dig into data access because T MVC is a presentation layer framework and is completely.The following two snippets show the sources for px and ster.Let me first discuss some of the plans for version 2 and then run through some examples that are possible with the CTP 1 bits.If you need an areas implementation now and cant wait, you will probably be interested in Steve Sandersons examples.If you need this functionality now, you will want to read Gokhan Altinorens tutorial on hooking up Castle Validators at px, or you can borrow the code from CodeCampServer at http codecampserver.Remember that youre performing manual mapping so you can ignore the MapToGuest method.Like the display templates, you can leave rendering up to the defaults or you can provide a custom template based on the type being 33 1/3 rpm record player rendered.You can also see that were mapping a Guest object to a GuestDto, and that GuestDto is performing the mapping work inside its constructor.

@ Page Language"C MasterPageFile Views/Shared/ster" @ Import Namespace"dels" asp:Content ContentPlaceHolderID"Main" runat"server" rstName) stName) /asp:Content @ Master Language"C AutoEventWireup"true" Inherits"ewMasterPage" div style"float:left;border:solid 1px navy; margin: 2px;padding:4px hidden object games for pc no time limit asp:ContentPlaceHolder ID"Main" runat"server" / /div The key to the partial for GuestDto are the lines such as: rstName) These new.Figure 7: Data annotations validate required fields.An area is a subsection of the Web site that is under a top-level URL fragment.AutoMapper reduces that chore to convention-based configuration.Im doing manual mapping to and from my domain model to view models, but in larger projects, Id pull in the AutoMapper library in a heartbeat.The areas concept is rather simple.On the server side, T MVC 2 will allow the necessary controllers and views to be completely isolated so that the whole system is easier for the team to divide and conquer.
Im using NHibernate for the data access and one view model per view as my dominant presentation pattern.