and install jdk 1.5 on windows

You can skip the installation and goto step.
Cd /.mozilla/plugins / if this directory does not exist, create it mkdir /.mozilla/plugins Then, create a symbolic link to your Mozilla plugins folder, (check your JDK folder) cd /.mozilla/plugins sudo ln -s /usr/local/java/ To verify the installation, restart your Firefox and issue URL "about:plugins".
Once the file finishes downloading, install the JDK.
Java" under myProject" public static void main(String args) intln Hello, world from Ubuntu!Xx-xxx-xx 06:25 PM 277 Hello.In most cases, it will simply start and work as expected (BlueJ usually can automatically detect the correct JDK).We also suggest installing the self-extracting RPM file if you will be running.Exe and Java runtime java.Installing, the following procedures detail how to install the Java Development Kit on both Linux and Windows.Java SE 7 (JDK.7) crack avira internet security 2012 (July 28, 2011 First version after Oracle purchased Sun (called Oracle JDK).You can check whether your Windows OS is 32-bit or 64-bit via "Control Panel" (Optional) System and Security System Under "System Type".
Display the path entries prompt path path c:Program FilesJavajdk1.8.0_xxbin ; other entries.
Step 4: Verify the JDK Installation Launch a CMD shell via one of the following means: Click "Search" button Enter "cmd" Choose "Command Prompt or right-click "Start" button run.

Testing Finally, to make sure that you are using the correct JDK or Java version (5 or higher and that the java executable is in your path, run the java -version command in the terminal from your home directory: java -version java version "1.5.0_16" Java(TM).Java / If error message appears, correct your source code and re-compile / Check for the compiled output "ass" ls ass Hello.Here are some heuristics for determining whether you would rather run the 64-bit Java Virtual Machine (JVM) over its 32-bit cousin for your application: Wider datapath: the pipe between RAM and CPU is doubled, which improves the performance of memory-bound applications when using a 64-bit.For Windows, the JDK extension directory is located at " java_home jrelibext" (e.g., "c:Program For Mac, the JDK extension directories are Library/Java/Extensions" and For Ubuntu, the JDK extension directories are (e.g., and usr/java/packages/lib/ext".Exe) reside in directory " java_home bin" (where java_home denotes the JDK installed directory).In Mac OS, the home directory of the current login user is denoted as ".Oak (named after the oak tree outside James Gosling's office).To edit the path environment variable in Windows 7/8/10: Launch "Control Panel" (Optional) System and Security System Click "Advanced system settings" on the left pane.The compat packages are available from ftp:n-free/.
First, you must install J2SE JDK version.0.
Read " NotePad ".