acrobat pro 7.0 serial number

Any help would be infinite skills learning 3ds max 2012 appreciated.
Or some file(s) to overwrite instalation - to make shutdown of activation?
I had issues with my computer not long ago, and Acrobat became corrupted.Another thing is I am from Czech Republic and I want to use my Czech localization, not EN version.Using the site you can easily unlock any software.So I see this like a interference to my customer rights, because Adobe keeps me from using this legally bought software.Site has been created not for profit but to give a possibility to share serials you own with other users.Are they really for the customers?
And another thing is that I have to solve this, which cost me time and also money - because I need to use it for my job.

I am little upset.It is run and maintained by a free software fan.Why Adobe waste MB data for some versions with non-activation process instead to make one file which disable this authorization function?It will f/a-18e super hornet pc game be just a few KB and we (customers) can easily run it, shut down it, and use our legally bought software.But downloaded versions are not in CZ language.I have no idea what to do now to trouble shoot.Is a site to upload and share your software serial numbers and keys.I go through the installation process and it says that everything is successful.But I am customer and I care about licence rights and so I want to use my old CS2 yugioh gx games pc in Czech version, like I bought.I am OK with shutdown of CS2 Activation Server, but what are these damn download actions?